This Is Not How You Use Peanut Butter

Tantasqua Regional High School.. or more accurately the Florida of Mass. The weirdest, wildest most unbelievable stories always seem to come from Tantasqua High. And this one is no different. In a story that has more twists and turns than a Shoots and Ladders game you really have to read this one to believe it..

It all started when we received an overwhelming number of requests (398 to be exact) for one name: Ava

We chose to block out Ava's last name for privacy. It wasn't long before we received the backstories as to why Ava was so requested. We received the stories from numerous different people with most keeping the same consistency in varying degrees of detail.

We didn't believe it until we saw the video. Regardless.. the story goes as follows:

We fact checked if dogs really can get a seizure from eating peanut butter and it turns out they actually can.

According to, a leading animals health and wellness organization, peanut butter can be allergenic to some dog breeds. If ingested it can result in seizures, liver failure and death. Here is an article where you can read more on that:

As for the video we chose not to post it but it does in fact exist. Though we could not find any evidence that would suggest it was ever uploaded to YouTube. Our guess is the person(s) who had uploaded the video must have removed it before the time of this writing. That being said the person who sent in the initial story did say the majority of Tantasqua High school did already follow SAVAGEMASS so we decided to ask our audience to simply dm a peanut emoji if they knew about this story and..



 the data speaks for itself. 



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