Petition to Expel Sophia Aguilar From Revere High School

Sophia Aguilar is a current student at Revere High School. Recently she uploaded a video to social media saying she hates black people, and that they are all "N-words." This video quickly circulated amongst the students populous of RHS, and later to  Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram. Many students were furious about the video, as one states: "Being a black student in a school where there are not a lot of kids who look like me can be a challenge. Sophia Aguilar's complete disregard for the feelings of her black peers has shown her only contribution to RHS is making that challenge much more difficult." Since the videos release, the entire student body of RHS has come together and made an online petition against Sophie Aguilar to expel her from their school. 

One of the students who started the petition said: "we want her expelled so that she never gets the chance to spew her racism and ignorance in our school ever again, its gone on to long."

Almost overnight Sophia Aguilar's Instagram page which was originally public, amassed over 4,000 comments on her most recent post. The comments comprised of students renouncing their friendship with her, to many saying they were contacting the school board. Sophia Aguilar stood by her earlier statements though, and despite the backlash from both her peers and her community she still refused to give an apology. Instead resorting to deleting her Instagram account and reportedly making a new one. 

Many of the students at RHS have also come forth saying this was not Sophie Aguilar's first time saying racist remarks against the black community.

"She would say racist and hateful remarks on and offline. The school in the past hasn't done anything about it so we as a student body just decided to take it into our own hands. No one here wants to go to school with a racist any longer."

 At the time of this writing the petition against Sophia Aguilar stands at more than 2,000 votes. Many of the students of RHS reached out to us (Savagemass) in the hopes that we could spread the word about what was going on at their school, and the petition that they had started.

We are asking our readers to follow the link at the end of this article, and petition to expel Sophia Aguilar from RHS. 

Link to petition against Sophia Aguilar:

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