LongliveHshawn DOES IT AGAIN!

We here at Savagemass are always looking for the next big music artist coming out of Massachusetts. Well today we believe we have found one of those artists by the name of LongliveHshawn with his brand new EP Longlive VS Hshawn. Hshawn first grabbed our attention way back in 2019 with his hit single Confusing.

Confusing went on to be LongliveHshawn's highest charting song, which at present date sits at an impressive 200k+ plays on Soundcloud, and another several thousand views on Youtube. Hshawn followed the success of Confusing with his follow-up soundtrack Setbacks.

Setbacks performed well and focused on Hshawn rebounding from his past setbacks that be believed inhibited his success. Graduation Music, a popular music blog out of Boston even quotes Setbacks as "Energetic- Listeners hear the classic “against all odds” commentary in an energetic and naturally entertaining light, providing ample evidence as to why the Boston native is an artist to watch in the first place. He’s honest with himself and where he looks to be in the years to come, and for that, “Setbacks” is a refreshing track to hear." By working hard and sticking to his music LongliveHshawn later went on to make our 2019 Freshman Cover List for best new artist of the year. He closed off the decade with an epic performance at our Savagemass Music Event in Cambridge. In that time since LongliveHshawn has managed to amass a large, respectable following for himself both on and off social media. But its his recent EP that has once again caught our attention: Longlive VS Hshawn

Longlive VS Hshawn is a powerful seven track collection of songs that serve as an update into what Hshawn has been doing in the time since Confusing. He talks about his life goals, plans for the future, obstacles he's faced and so much more. LongliveHshawn's melodious vocals, addictive lyrics and powerful instrumentation make him an absolute must-listen to any music enthusiast. We highly recommend him as an artist you should give a listen to.


By: Rachel Dale for SAVAGEMASS

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  • This kid is on the serious come up

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  • his latest music is his best so far

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