Just a few years ago you could have asked almost anyone and they would have told you Boston was the city of Rock 'n' Roll. And sure that may be true to a degree, but its no secret that rap and Hip-Hop culture have taken the city by storm in recent years. With young artists such as Cousin Stizz taking to the national stage and bringing Boston's rap scene to the spotlight, a flood of new talented rappers have begun to make a name for themselves. But there is one individual we believe stands out far beyond the rest- enter 7981 Kal.

A uniquely talented lyricist with the ability to paint vivid pictures of his life growing up in the Dorchester area. His drill style foundation and distinct style mixed with his ability to mix cohesive thoughts with creative graphic slander captivated residents from his home town and beyond. As word spread and his popularity surged Kal quickly went from rapping in the studio to headlining shows. With his new found success, Kal soon garnered the attention of record labels, radio stations and mainstream artists alike. Ascending him into a local celeb and rep for his city. 

In his first year Kal exploded off the block with a collection of nine songs focused on the streets, his lifestyle, past and current beefs and more. All skillfully recapped in a drill shot-for-shot type beat accompanied by various features from G Fredo, Hamma Thang and Illy Dee. This project was met with stellar public reception and was soon followed by Kal's first music video: Dead Opps Pt. 2,” featuring him and G Fredo boldly recounting altercations and trading threats of running the block and throwing hands. The music video sits at almost one million views.

And that was just 2017...

Its 2020 now and 7981 Kal has showed no sighs of slowing down. He has since dropped two major projects: "Devil in Disguise," and "Show no Fear," with the later being a 14 track mixtape with surprise features from Polo G, G Fredo and more.

If you asked us to describe Devil in Disguise and Show no Fear in one word we would call it: riveting. By the time Kal released these project he was no longer producing just drill rap, but something far more elevated from it-- a grim but equally proud masterfully put self-portrait elaborating on the dangerous realities of his hostile world. But still driven by the same fervid energy as his previous music. You can tell he's not trying to brag or exaggerate, only explain. He's not looking for fame or clout, just for people to hear and understand his story. Kal makes impassioned and hard observations on himself, his family, friends, and the life he lives. Mistakes and run ins with the law, missteps and code violations, near death altercations and so much more but yet- a whole lot of fearlessness. Hence- Show no Fear. Its this authenticity that elevates his music into a realm of its own. It’s chilling. But genuine. And that is why we here at SAVAGEMASS consider 7981 Kal a must listen.


By: Alex Rodriguez for SAVAGEMASS

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